“Getting To The Top Of The Mountain
Is The Pay-off,
The True Riches
Are Discovered In The Climb.”

ADÉ aka The Voice Coach

The Tutorial Program is Designed to Offer Guaranteed Affordability,
Give Real Value for Money, and Achieve Excellent Results.”

The video tutorials developed by The Voice Coach are designed to give you an insight into the variety of intricate basic through to advanced techniques, that are an essential part of the development of any great Soul, Gospel, R&B or Jazz singer.

Careful use of the full series of tutorials will ensure that a singer has the foundation upon which to build a voice that touches souls.

The core techniques taught within the series include Breathing Techniques, Resonance, Forward & Back Vocals, Basic Tone Changes, Bright Tone, Mid Tone, Bass Tone, Advanced Tone Development, Square & Round Vocals, Syncopated Execution, Song Analysis and Warm-up Techniques.

The tutorials can be purchased individually, in technique clusters or as a full course.

Please be aware though that the tutorials are designed specifically to be used as part of a training program and we strongly recommend that a personal vocal tutor is used as part of that program.

The tutorials can be purchased individually, in technique clusters or as a full course. However, we recommend that all vocalist intending to improve their voice purchase the full course.

Please use the forms below to make your purchase. Once we have received your order we will email you with a copy of your invoice. Upon receipt of your payment you will automatically be redirected a link where you may download your tutorial(s).

We are very keen for you to gain maximum benefit from the tutorials and for you to enjoy their use. We would ask you to respect our copyright by refraining from distributing or sharing the video’s with any persons, streaming platforms, file sharing or download services.

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