“Being A Great Singer Will Get You Noticed. Becoming A Great Artist Will Get You Admired. But Having A Great Career Plan is the Key to Your Success!”
aka The Voice Coach

“The Artist Development+ Program is designed to not only produce Complete Artists. Its designed to forge sustainable careers in the music industry


Artist Development+ occurs at the stage where the transition begins to take place from developing singer, into vocalist with artistic identity.

Once a singer progresses to this stage of the program, the focus turns to artistic direction, developing a strong vocal repertoire, live performance, and carving out a career path for yourself. 

The Artist Development+ program can be taken on site or as a distance learning package.

Part Time Program
The Artist Development short course is administered as a series of comprehensive classroom lectures, and rehearsal space sessions, which span across 15 weeks. The delivery includes industry guests, creative consultation (from industry professionals), and performance coaching.  These sessions cover all of the essential elements that will help you to transition into the complete artists. 

The Artist Development+ program bridges the gap between The Complete Vocal Training Program and our 2 year, part-time Artist Development HND course.

Distance Learning Course
The Artist Development+ Distance Learning course is delivered through a series of Video Tutorials, and live streamed group classes. This is the perfect distance learning tool for aspiring artists who wish to graduate into the professional ranks without incurring spiralling  university debt! The program consists of a comprehensive set of sessions, which cover all of the essential elements that will help you to transition into the complete artists.

To register your interest for the Artist Development+ Program please email ade@thevoicecoachuk.com

The Artist Development+  is a program consisting of industry lectures, professional performance coaching and artistic identity development. The key subject headings during this challenging and engaging program include the following:

  •   The Artist’s Perspective Of The Music Industry.

  •    Marketing from The Artist’s Perspective.

  •    Repertoire Development.

  •    Writing, Recording, Producing & Releasing.

  •    Artist  Identity, Persona & Performance.

  •    Content Development, Packaging & Presentation.

  •    Targeting & Approaching Record Labels, Management Co’s, Distributors & Licensors

  •    Personal Image, Styling and Preparation.

  •    Showcase Planning, Preparation & Promotion.

  •    The Legal Landscape, Contracts and Artist Rights.

  •    Career Options & Alternative Pathways.

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