“The EVPDM is my secret blue-print for developing voices to ensure they have
high quality tone, excellent technique,
distinctive vocal identity,
and unique personal traits.

The Enhance Vowel Passage Development Method
is designed to produce accomplished singers
with more distinctive, and more dexterous voices.”

The Voice Coach Complete Vocal Training Program includes Beginner, Intermediate & Artist Development stages. Our courses are offered as group classes (at sites in London and Birmingham), as One-to-One lessons via Skype, and through our Voice Coach Video Tutorial Series.

The Voice Coach Training Programs are based around ADÉ’s innovative ‘Enhanced Vowel Passage Development Method, inspired by the worlds’ great vocal tutors. Who over the past few decades have all identified that the secret to developing a singing voice of high caliber, dictates that the control and modification of vowels must be a central principle. ADÉ has crafted a unique approach that embraces this theory, and innovates it through a unique mix of simplistic practical exercises, and laymen level theory.

His EVPDM uses specially designed warm-up exercises, carefully identified song studies, (from music’s past masters), and intricate (yet logical) technical theory. “This is my secret blue-print for developing voices that have high quality tone, distinctive vocal identity, and unique personal traits. The Enhanced Vowel Passage Development Method is designed to coach definitive singers, and recording artists.”

The tutorial programs are now also available via our new subscription service, available exclusively at thevoicecoachuk.com

Contact us here for more information: ade@thevoicecoachuk.com


“I developed the EVPDM to be the perfect tool to give singers excellent technical control and dexterity”

Our Beginner Program

The Beginner Stage is facilitated by a combination of our Beginner Video Tutorial Program, and a short program of one-to-one lessons.

This unique combination allows you to develop at your own pace, and ensures that the Video Tutorials are supplemented by an individually tailored proportion of bespoke personal guidance.

Students seeking to understand the key principles of singing are recommended to chose this option.

Our Intermediate Program

Our Intermediate training program is recommended for clients who have had some level of experience which has seen them use their voice for singing for (on average) 18 months. Whether that be singing in a school or church choir, through previous singing lessons or as lead or backing vocalist in a band etc.

Intermediate classes are designed to introduce the client to the many different techniques used in the development of a singers voice. The focus being on clients aiming to gain full control, an understanding of the voice and a higher level of discipline.

“I Wanted to Develop a Program that had the structure for easy transition from Beginners through to Intermediaate and Advanced singers”

“I don’t just want to teach people
how to get the best out of their voices,
I want to give them the tools
to get the best out of their careers”

Artist Development Fundamentals

Artist Development Fundamentals occur at the stage where the transition begins to take place from developing singer, into vocalist with artistic identity.

Once a singer progresses to this stage of the program, the focus turns to artistic direction, developing a strong vocal repertoire, live performance, and carving out a career path for yourself.

This program bridges the gap between The Complete Vocal Training Program and our 2 year, part-time Artist Development HND course.




“Study The Greats, And Take A Leaf From Each” 

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