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I want to teach every aspiring singer how to use their voice properly. And my highly acclaimed Video Tutorial Series is my 12 Step program, to having an elite level singing IQ!

In spite of what you might think there are literally only 12 steps to being an elite singer! You just need to know what they are, know how to apply them, and then practice them until you are perfect!


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If you have any aspirations of being a good singer, you have to invest in your Vocal Improvement.

If you have any dreams of having a successful singing career, you have to invest in your professional development.

Singing lessons are a must for singers on all levels! All of the most successful, and must highly respected singers, have taken singing lessons. And most of them still do, even though they are award winning, platinum selling artist!

And it’s about time you followed the same path, to your singing success!


I have Studied & Mastered the techniques of the very best singers in music’s long history. I have also spent years studying the theories, and practices of the most highly regarded singing teaches in history. And, I have taught award winning singers, all over the world!

As a result of my experience as a Vocal Coach, Recording Artist, Artist Manager and University Lecturer, I am best prepared to teach you how to be a successful singer!

Take our $1 3 Day Trial, Chose ANY video in the 12 step program, and start your journey to vocal perfection!

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